The end is in sight

Our renovation is almost over – thankfully!  Thanks to all of our patients who have endured the chaos, mess and cramped temporary reception area as we have renovated over the past 2 months.  Our HEC patients are so great – they tolerated sitting on the ground, their charts being misplaced and all sorts of blunders as we tried to cope with seeing patients while renovating.
Of course, the reno was supposed to be done on Feb 1, by the time I returned from maternity leave.  And, of course, that didn’t happen.  Demolition only began on January 23, so there was no way that it was getting done in a week.  We have never renovated anything before and this was certainly a learning experience.  Lots of delays, items that we had to make sure were done properly.  But, we are getting very excited – the new space will certainly now be large enough to accommodate all of our patients.  Below is a sneak peek at the office.  We have started using the reception area even though we are still waiting for the granite to be installed and there’s a laundry list of items that still need to be completed.  The end is in sight!  Anyone out there survived a recent renovation of your home or office?

Even baby Taj is helping clean the new shelves!

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