The demolition has begun!

After many months of planning and delays, our renovation project is now officially underway.  For some time now, we have realized that we are outgrowing the current layout of our waiting room and optical shop.  Friday was our first day of demolition and it was amazing to see just how fast our entire waiting room, optical shop and reception area could be dismantled!  I made sure to emphasize the importance of proper eye protection to the demo crew (do you know how many nails in the eyes we see as ophthalmologists?  One is enough!)  Don’t worry, we are still open our regular hours.
Here is the way our waiting room/optical shop/reception used to look like. Say goodbye to the teal and mauve color scheme that was so characteristic of the late 80’s/ealy 90’s.

Gone is the pink laminate and pink wallpaper! And the stained (despite the fact that we steam cleaned it annually) grey-raspberry-teal carpet?  Ripped out!  Though in all fairness, everything has held up very well over the last 21 years.

So, you may be asking yourself how do you enter Honolulu Eye Clinic now for your eye exam?  We have erected a temporary reception and waiting room.  When you come to our usual office door, you’ll be greeted by this sign.

Follow the hallway all the way to the end and you’ll get to the back entrance of our office which leads to our temporary reception desk (this used to be the nursery and will return to Taj once renovations are complete).  
The pediatrics waiting room has been converted into the regular waiting room, along with the optical shop.

Our temporary optical shop


We still carry all of the 650+ frames that we used to, they’re just organized in cabinetry now in the smaller space, so don’t worry that you won’t find what you need.  Thanks in advance to everyone for their patience while we renovate our office.  The new waiting room/optical will have an expanded optical shop and more room at reception to decrease patient wait times to check in and check out.

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