SkinCeuticals AOX Eye Gel- can make you look like you don’t have a baby keeping you up all night

So, one more quick Taj related post.  I had to share the amazingness of the new SkinCeutical AOX eye gel. I’m usually pretty hesitant to endorse one product over another, but I’ve been so happy with this eye gel, that I had to share it with you all.  Everyone has one particular area of their face and body which they wish they could improve.  For me, it’s the area under my eyes.  I hate when they get swollen and dark…It’s very easy to tell when I’ve had a good night’s sleep (and since I have a newborn, I’m usually not getting too much sleep!).   I think it’s all the more obvious since my eyes are large and I feel that the puffiness is even more noticeable.  I also get a lot of questions from patients about how best to combat signs of puffiness and dark circles under they eyes.
First, a little bit about the SkinCeuticals line.  I like the Skinceuticals products, and they are the only cosmetic products we carry in our clinic, because of the evidence based medicine which supports their claims.  There is real science behind their products, published in peer reviewed journals.  You may have seen the product in Allure magazine when the Phlorotein CF serum  was named “Best of Beauty”.  The line really stresses the importance of prevention, prevention, prevention.  I now use the phlorotein CF serum (named one of Allure magazine’s top beauty products) which has anti-oxidants (Vitamin C, E and ferrulic acid) that help prevent UV damage and a daily sunscreen.  Photoaging is what causes all of the signs we associate with aging and if you minimize the oxidative and free radical damage caused by the sun, then it stands to reason, that you will look better too (in addition to preventing skin cancer).
Before I met the Skinceuticals rep, I pretty much had zero skincare routine.  I used Cetaphil moisturizing lotion from Long’s  and that was it.  My skin was OK, but not amazing.  But, living in Hawaii, it is really important to care for your skin and protect it from the UV damage which occurs daily.  My mother is 61 years old and looks amazing, so I’m hoping with proper skin care, I can age as amazingly as she has.

My mom and dad with my son, Nikhil

So, back to the AOX Eye Gel.  I had just given birth, having been in labor from midnight to 6 am.  Obviously, I wasn’t looking my best, which wasn’t really all that important to me on the first day.  You’re exhausted, your body aches, and you have a newborn.  But, I took a look in the mirror a few hours later and almost didn’t recognize myself.  I had HUGE bags under my eyes, the likes of which I have never seen before.  The ophthalmologic term is festoons.  You can see how swollen my lower eyelids are.  I look like I can barely keep my eyes open – I barely could, it had been a hard labor!  I can’t believe I am actually posting this picture (note the all important headband – pregnant mothers, don’t forget the headband!).

After labor with my wonderful OB and nurse

Since I work at Queen’s and delivered there, I knew people would be stopping by to offer their congratulations and I needed to improve my appearance slightly (Thanks so much to the Same Day Surgery nurses for the beautiful flowers and to my friends who dropped by).  Let’s be real.  Of course, it’s about the baby, but I knew there were going to be a lot of pictures taken.  And who wants to look back at photos of one of the happiest days in their lives and cringe at the way you look? Jeff was operating the next morning, so I told him to go home to get good rest and not spend the night in the hospital with me and the baby.  The plus side of that was that he could bring me my eye gel which I had left at home.

AOX Eye Gel

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest skin in your body.  Therefore, it shows signs of accelerated aging and stress more than other areas of your face.  In addition, the fat that normally supports your eyes, can prolapse forward causing the eyelids to appear puffy.
AOX Eye Gel:

  •  Prevents signs of aging with a high concentration of pure L-Ascorbic Acid, Ferulic Acid and Phloretin antioxidants
  • Antioxidants also corrects signs of photodamage including fine lines, wrinkles and improved skin tone
  • Ruscus Aculeatus (type of plant) supports under-eye circulation to help reduce the appearance of puffiness caused by swelling.  It actually causes the blood vessels to become smaller or vasoconstrict.
  • Caffeine helps improve drainage and congestion of fluids which cause under eye bags

I really think the caffeine and ruscus aculeatus are what you notice immediately when you use it and the antioxidants help prevent future damage. I used it in the morning (I was still in the hospital), put on my headband (a very necessary accessory and should be packed in every pregnant woman’s hospital bag) and slapped on a bit of lipstick.  I kid you not, the nurse who came to check on me, right after this picture was taken, gave me a strange look and said “Are you the patient?”  That was great!

So, the new eye gel is added to my serum and sunscreen as my skincare regimen.  It has become extremely necessary to combat the sleepless nights which accompany a newborn.
Some patients will ask me specifically what I use for my skincare regimen.  Everyone’s skin is different, so what is right for me, may not be right for you.  My skin tends to be slightly dry and sensitive.  So, here’s what I use.  And, remember, I am slightly lazy when it comes to my skincare routine.
I tend to alternate between the Foaming Cleanser and my old stand by of Cetaphil.  My mother-in-law gave me the Clarisonic for my birthday, and I love it, but I remember to use it only once a week.
In the mornings, I use:

I use all three of these daily.  I love the SkinCeuticals sunscreen, especially the Physical fusion.  It has Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which area wonderful sunscreens (they’re what lifeguards use on their noses to make them white).  I only use sunscreen on my kids with these 2 ingredients because they are what is termed “Physical” sunscreens and have been proven to be the most effective.  Obviously, those of you who have seen me in the clinic know that I don’t show up with a completely white face like kabuki make-up and the reason is because the Skinceuticals sunscreen is emulsified and tinted.  It isn’t oily feeling and the tint is quite nice.  I use this and it looks like I’m wearing powder or foundation, so I can skip that make-up step.
So, there it is.  Everything that you wanted to know and more about SkinCeuticals, my vanity after labor and the importance of sun protection.  And, if used properly, you may even be able to combat the signs of sleeplessness that come with a baby (or just wake your hubby to do some diaper changes, which Jeff happily does).  Have any of you tried any of the SkinCeuticals products?  Or do you have your own remedy for sleepless nights and dark, puffy circles under your eyes?
**I do not receive any type of commission or perk for blogging about SkinCeuticals**

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