Product Spotlight: New Colored Contact Lenses at HEC

Honolulu Eye Clinic is so so excited to be one of the first clinics on the island to carry the new AirOptix Colors Contact lenses.

I’ll admit it – when I was young, there was nothing I wanted more than green eyes.  There was an auntie I used to babysit for down the street.  She was Indian with these gorgeous silver/green eyes and I used to tell my parents – “When I’m 18, I’m going to get colored contact lenses” . I wanted to look like the famous Indian actress (and former Miss Universe), Aishwarya Rai.  That’s her real eye color.

Fast forward to 2008 when we took over Honolulu Eye Clinic.  Finally, I thought, colored contact lenses.  The only option was the Fresh Look colors and alas, try as hard as I could, I could not get those contacts on to my eyes.  I thought it was just my inexperience wearing contact lenses, since I don’t wear glasses and have never needed contacts.  But, even when I had our stellar staff put them on for me, they were incredibly uncomfortable and moved all over the place on my eye.  On top of that, they blurred my vision.  I finally checked my corneal measurements and realized that my corneas were too flat for the standard size that the Fresh Look colors come in.  So, I resigned myself to having brown eyes (OK, I’m being a bit melodramatic).

But, just last month, Alcon introduced AirOptix Colors and it’s a contact lens I can actually wear!  The fit is comfortable – much less movement and drying than the previous iterations.  The Dk constant (which is just a measurement of how much oxygen the lens transmits) for the AirOptix is 6 times more than the Fresh Look Colors.

And, the colors are so much more natural.  My husband does not care for the fake, artificial colors of Fresh Look and these new AirOptix ones just make your eyes pop but in a subtle manner.  They have a 3 in 1 color technology, which enhances your natural eye color (instead of just covering it).  The outer ring defines and intensifes your eyes.  The primary color enhances your eye color and the inner ring adds depth and natural richness.  The colors are are on both surfaces of the contact lenses, which makes the color more life-like.

Here a pic of me wearing the green (subtle).

Air Optix Colors in Green

AirOptix in Gray

I hate taking selfies.

And, last one of me wearing just one green contact lens.

Green contact in right eye and normal in left eye

Here’s some of my staff. Sam has beautiful blue eyes.  But, she likes to change it up,so she’s wearing a hazel contact lens in her right eye.

Sofie is wearing hazel on the left side.  Wouldn’t you just kill for those lashes?

And, last our optician, Becca who has beautiful brown eyes, but likes to play with the gray contact lenses.

The Air Optix website has a fun virtual studio, but nothing is as good as actually trying on the contacts on your eyes.  Please call us if you would like to try the new Air Optix colors.  They are monthly lenses and currently come in plano (no power in the lens) and minus powers (nearsighted).  The plus powers are supposed to come out by the end of the year, though they are not yet available.

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