Preventing Nearsightedness in Kids Program is a self paced course for parents who are interested in taking back control of their child’s vision.

Become an advocate in your child’s vision journey.

Your child’s nearsightedness (aka myopIA) does not HAVE to worsen every single year.

Unlike when we were young, there are actually non-surgical treatment options and lifestyle modifications you can start TODAY to slow down your child’s glasses prescription.

Here you’ll find well-researched and unbiased advice for how you can help your child’s vision at home, and therapies to discuss with your child’s eye doctor . With this course, you’ll feel confident that you are making the best decisions for your child to preserve their eyesight.

These are all conditions which cause vision loss and blindness.

Good eyesight should be the birthright of every child.

As a parent, you want the very best for your child and their future. With the lifestyle and treatment options you’ll learn about in this course, you’ll have the knowledge to do your part.

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Hi, I’m dr, Rupa

I am one of a handful of pediatric ophthalmologists in the country who practices myopia management.

I’ve treated hundreds of children in my practice over the past decade, developing customizable plans for families to achieve the best vision possible.

I also teach my myopia management framework to ophthalmologists and optometrists at national conferences.

But I wanted to reach more children (and their parents) across the country so that they would also know the benefits of myopia management.

So I created this program to give you the education you need to be an advocate your child.

What’s Holding You Back?

You may be worried that there isn’t enough data to support myopia management. Or that your child’s vision has to be “really bad” to start these treatments and treatments. Or that once you stop these treatments that your child’s nearsightedness will get even worse than what it was.

Top 3 Misconceptions About Myopia Management

This is my why

As an eye doctor, I’ve treated hundreds of kids with myopia management techniques for the past 10 years.

But, I’m also a mom.

And when I saw that my kids were starting to take after my husband’s nearsighted family, I became even more personally invested and passionate about myopia management. And, not just for myself. I want to educate all parents about their options. So that you can take back control of your child’s vision

All children benefit when their parents are partners in their health care journey and you don’t need to be a health care provider to do so.

Learn how your child can be best served by understanding the modifiable lifestyle risk factors, potential treatment options and research behind it all so you can be your child’s best advocate.

A self paced course for parents who are interested in taking back control of their child’s vision

What’s Included?

150 Minutes of video content
Monthly office hours with Dr. Wong


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This course is for you if you are a parent who is concerned about maximizing your child’s vision for the long term.

You might be nearsighted yourself and worry that your child will follow in your footsteps - a lifetime of glasses, contacts and poor vision. Or you’re worried because you see your child’s glasses prescription getting thicker and thicker every year and want to take action.

This course is not for you if you prefer a “wait and see” attitude with regards to your child’s vision. This is for people who want to take action to prevent their child’s vision from worsening every year.

This program is for you if you are ready to:

This program is not for you if:

About Dr. Rupa Wong

Take back control of your child’s vision

As an Ivy League trained physician who is fellowship trained in pediatric ophthalmology, I have seen firsthand the devastating vision and eye health consequences of nearsightedness.

This is why I am adamant about instituting myopia management treatments and strategies with my own 3 children.

I know that many eye doctors are not offering or even discussing myopia management treatments with their patients and that’s doing you a disservice.

I want every parent to feel knowledgeable and comfortable about making the most informed choices for their children, understanding the lifestyle modifications and treatment options available.

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By the end of this course, you will have:

Gained an understanding of how you can personally preserve your child’s vision
Developed an educational foundation to better advocate for your child with their eye doctor
Implemented changes to your child’s daily routine to decrease their nearsightedness progression
Preventing Nearsightedness in Kids is a self paced course, which allows you to pick and choose the lessons which meet your needs.

This is the only digital course on myopia control taught by a fellowship trained pediatric ophthalmologist, co-founder of a successful physician owned eye clinic, respected expert in her field, who has also utilized myopia management techniques in her own 3 children.

Here’s what we will cover:

module one


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Lesson 1:

What Is Myopia?

Lesson 2:

The Genetics of Myopia

Lesson 3:

Eye Health Complications from Myopia

module two

Modifiable Lifestyle

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Lesson 1:

The Impact of Outdoor Time

Lesson 2:

Near Work and Its Association with Nearsightedness

Lesson 3:

Truth About Screen Time

module three

Treatment Options for
Myopia Progression

Group 92

Lesson 1:

Low Dose Atropine

Lesson 2:

D.I.M.S. Spectacle Technology

Lesson 3:

Orthokeratology (overnight contacts)

Lesson 4:

Dual Focus Daily Disposable Soft Contact Lenses

Lesson 5:

Combination Treatments

Lesson 6:

Emerging Treatments

module four

What is a Myopia
Management Visit

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Lesson 1:

The Basics of a Myopia Management Visit

Lesson 2:

A Child’s Perspective of A Myopia Management Visit

The Investment

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Course + Monthly Office Hours + Workbooks


**No additional cost for CME**

All your questions answered:

There is so much eye health and glasses information online!!!! Both good and bad. And in fact, much of this information does exist in Dr. Rupa’s online platforms. But the benefit of the course is teaching you the information step by step in a way that builds on your new knowledge base and makes the most sense. You also will get printables and bonus handouts, online office hours and personal access to Dr. Rupa Wong that is exclusive to course members.

A presale is when you are able to get a limited time early offer to register for the course before it begins. When you purchase at the presale price (25% off!) you will be able to register at the LOWEST EVER price. The course will be accessible starting November 1.

This is not a substitute for medical advice or personal medical care. Dr. Wong is a practicing ophthalmologist who sees patients daily.. Only your doctor truly knows your situation the best and can provide you with medical advice based on your child’s age, diagnosis, astigmatism, rate of growth, family history, etc. The Preventing Nearsightedness in Kids program will help you become your child’s best advocate on their eye health journey. No more searching the internet looking for answers to your questions – you will have most of them answered in the educational course content or can ask them in the private community or monthly office hours call.

The Preventing Nearsightedness in Kids is for anyone who is looking to take control of their child’s nearsightedness. The best way you can slow the progression of their nearsightedness is to understand the impact of genetics and family history in addition to understanding what you can do to optimize these factors with your lifestyle choices. This program is for anyone who wants to preserve their child’s vision for their future. And if you’re a health care provider – even better! Doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and pharmacists can receive 5 CE credits for the course when they reflect upon it.

Rupa Wong, MD is an Ivy League trained fellowship trained board certified pediatric ophthalmologist and a leading expert in her field who is passionate about helping you preserve your child’s vision. She has been in private practice for over 14 years, caring for thousands of children in Hawaii. Dr. Rupa speaks at numerous national conferences on the topic of myopia management. Click here to see a list of Dr. Rupa’s talks and research in this area.

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