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This is a topic I’ve been wanting to address on our blog for a while, since it’s so applicable for kids in Hawaii.  Adults often forget what it’s like for young kids, who have a strong prescription in their glasses, what it must be like to swim and snorkel without their glasses.  My kids don’t wear glasses (yet!), though we use them as our glasses models, like below, but if they start to become as nearsighted as some of their relatives, I will certainly look at prescription goggles for them._mg_8748-2jpg
I do not recommend prescription goggles for every child.  The majority of children can see well enough without their glasses that the extra expense is not necessary.  But, for a small subset of my patients, they truly can barely function without their glasses and improving their experience in the water, when you’re swimming at least once or twice a week year round like you do in Hawaii, is worth it.
Since I always send these patient to my Optical shop, since I don’t really know much about the specifics of prescription goggles, I thought it best to consult my optician, Kevin for this post.  Kevin has over 30 years experience working with children and is a certified and licensed optician.  Take it away Kevin.
Hi everyone, Kevin, friendly neighborhood optician here.  For kids and adults who wear glasses, swimming in the pool or exploring the ocean can be a frustratingly blurry experience. Did you know our optical shop can make prescription swim goggles and scuba masks?
Even children as young as two years old can enjoy clear vision underwater — while simultaneously being protected from water-borne diseases and parasites, chlorine and saltwater!
How’s it done?
Our optical shop offers two different lens options designed to accommodate virtually any prescription. How?
Similar to over-the-counter reading glasses, we can offer swim goggles inexpensively for those with a lower prescription or one that does not require astigmatic correction. This is accomplished with ready-made spherical prescription lenses which fit into a swim goggle or scuba mask. Since eye doctors do not recommend contact lens use underwater, swim goggles provide premium visual performance and maximum protection.
For those who require a higher prescription, or prescriptions where astigmatism correction is needed, our swim goggles and scuba masks can be custom-made to fit your individual needs. Add an anti-fog treatment and Transition lenses for superior performance in and out of the water!
We are blessed in Hawaii with lovely weather year-round. Don’t let poor vision keep you from enjoying our island’s underwater beauty.
Consult our optical staff about pricing and availability.

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