Working With Your Partner To Systemize Household Tasks And Balance The Mental Load

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Between working, parenting, and living together – my husband and I are together a lot! While it seems perfect on the surface level (mostly on social media) it can be more challenging than it looks. It definitely takes work! Having said that, I love being with him every day. I am glad we can create systems that allow us to do all of this together in a *mostly* harmonious way. Listen to this podcast to learn more about how we manage this and my four tips that help us get there.


(2:35) The question everyone asks me – How does my marriage work so well?


(8:38) The first tip – aligning your values.


(12:52) The second tip – it’s a hard one! Identify your strengths and weaknesses.


(15:40) The third tip – create a division of labor.


(20:10) The fourth tip – prioritize your relationship.


If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your relationship and minimize conflict while also reducing the mental burden of running your home or your business, then this episode is for you. It isn’t always easy in a relationship. Marriage on its own is hard. Once you add in work and kids it can get really difficult. If you are married I guarantee you can relate! I hope these four tips I discussed can help you out in your marriage. Thanks so much for being here and until next week, it was good to see you!


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