Who Is In Your Inner Circle? The Importance of Female Friendships

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Finding friends as an adult is hard, and keeping them can be even harder. This post will help remind you why female friendships are so important and will give you questions you can ask yourself to see if your inner circle is one that is helping or hurting. Our friendships can affect not only our professional life, but our mental and physical health as well, so finding and keeping an inner circle of authentic and honest female friends is so important. Finding friends as an adult is hard, and keeping them can be even harder. Surrounding yourself with women who inspire and challenge you is critical for your own personal growth..

Here’s some highlights from this topic: 

(3:02) Some backstory and why I am passionate about keeping my inner circle.

(8:04) Question 1: How many women are in your inner circle? Why it matters and why there’s no magic number. 

(10:55) Question 2: Can you be authentic with them? Authenticity drives these friendships to be more than just acquaintances. 

(14:18) Question 3: Do they inspire you? Are they doing things that you want to be doing? Why it’s more than just being a hypewoman.

(17:18) Question 4: Do they challenge you? Be careful of friends that are like a “yes man.” Challenge is what leads to growth. 

(19:24) Question 5: What is their world perspective? Do they try to make the world a better place and can they help you through a challenge?

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