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The Truth Behind Kids Screen Time and Vision

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Screen time. Those 2 little words that can invoke so many feelings as parents. Is my kid getting too much? Is screen time affecting my kids’ vision? What are the recommendations on this? If you have any of these questions, this episode is for you! I will discuss current recommendations and studies surrounding screen time, nearwork, blue light, and how all of that does (or doesn’t!) affect near-sightedness in children. As always, I will include a Family Media Plan template as well as other actionable steps we use in my family that you can consider implementing in your own family. 

The Truth Behind Screen Time and Kids Vision
With Rupa Wong


This is in no way meant to bring any parents shame about the screen time habits of their kids! We’ve all been there- sometimes you just need time to get some things done and allowing screen time is the only way to keep your kids occupied. Listen to this episode and don’t forget to give yourself some grace- I know you are doing what you need to and are doing the best for your child. Here’s this episode at a glance: 


(2:02) Digital course for parents! Check out the course I’ve made that will walk you through ways you can learn more about and protect your child’s vision. Click here to find it.

(3:16) Does screen time actually worsen children’s vision? We’ll look at what the studies say about screens and how they could affect children’s vision over time.  

(9:23) What are the recommendations for kids and screen time? I’ll review the recommended hours for kids of any age range. 

(11:45) Family Media Plan. Be sure to check out this fillable PDF here and start to think about how you and your family can work together to set boundaries and limits on technology and screens at home. This is perfect for older kids! 

(14:33) Reading versus YouTube. When kids are spending hours doing nearwork, is one really worse than the other? 

(16:40) Could distance learning affect my kid’s vision? We’ll look into a study that showed it impacted kids more when they were younger. 

(18:50) My experience setting limits and distance targets for my children. 3 practical tips we use and how you could potentially implement them in your own home. 


With all the information that’s out there, this can be an overwhelming topic. I hope this concise overview was helpful for you! If you implement any changes after listening, tag me on social media and let me know how it went! Until next time, it was good to see you. 


Take a listen to this important episode.


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