Are Women Really Competitive With Each Other?

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Are women really more competitive with each other? Does this narrative hold true across all fields? And, is there any way to change it? I came from a residency class in which there were 6 women and 1 man. I know many of our attending physicians were concerned that infighting and cattiness would dominate our program – but I don’t think that was the case at all. In fact, I think there are many ways that women can support each other without feeling that they are losing out by doing so.

I remember clearly the feeling of pre-med competitiveness when I was in college. There was a very real fear that I was competing with others for spots. That same scarcity mentality can follow you throughout your training and even into your career as an attending physician – whether you are in academics or in private practice, self-employed or employed.

But, to truly feel that I was coming into my own – to feel secure in what I have achieved, I have found that I had to let go of that scarcity mentality. That I was competing for limited resources against other women. This narrative can be rewritten, and must be.

In this episode of the podcast, I discuss 4 strategies for learning to support other women. This is one you must listen to!


I'm Rupa Wong.

Hi! I'm Dr. Rupa Wong. Physician. Private Practice Owner. Mama to 3 kids. Managing Partner. Educator. Textbook Author. Conference Co-Founder. Mentor. I am more than just one thing, even as a doctor and I bet you are too. I would love to help you envision the life you want, and then get after it. What are you waiting for?


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