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Win At Work And At Life With Megan Hyatt Miller

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Can you win in life and work? Or are the only options the hustle fallacy and the ambition break? How can you perform at the highest standard possible in all areas of your life?

“Results are the thing that I was committed to”, says Megan. If these are questions you’re grappling with as a working professional woman, and you want to commit yourself to better results, then this episode is for you. Listen to learn how Megan stayed committed to results in both the
mom and job life.



Win At Work And At Life
with Megan Hyatt Miller

(00:00) Introduction to the episode and Megan Hyatt Miller


(8:42) How Megan manages being committed to both motherhood and her career. How she sets guidelines for herself of what is and is not possible on a personal level.


(11:40) “You have got to literally accomplish the same results by doing less work”.

How Megan accomplishes only the tasks that move the business forward. Megan explains how we can manage to work less but with more efficiency to get everything done that needs to be done.


(14:22) The biggest mindset shift Megan needed to overcome to realize this system was possible


(18:35) What Megan says needs to happen if you are trying to get somewhere personally or professionally but you can’t get there.


(20:14) The hustle fallacy. We have a set schedule of what we expect ourselves to do and complete. Sometimes, we have to break out of this to move forward. Megan’s advice to break out of this pattern.


(23:37) The double win. A commitment to winning at work and life outside of work. How Megan synthesizes it all.


(28:35) Your team around you is so important. You are only as strong as your weakest link! How Megan creates a team that will supports her and the business to move forward.


(32:56) Boundaries are so important! Megan discusses aspects in her life she refuses to budge on.


Didn’t Megan give us so much helpful information? It was such a pleasure talking with her. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming trying to get everything done. It seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Megan explains to us how she has managed to get all the work she needs to get done in less time but still efficiently. If you want to learn more about building teams, setting boundaries, accomplishing goals at both the mom and career life, you have found the right episode to listen to. In addition, make sure you check out Megan’s book! Thank you so much for being here and until next time, it was good to see you.

Order Megan’s book ‘Master Your Mindst’ where she teach readers how to save themselves needless frustration and headache from trying to solve problems with strategies that no longer work.


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