The Biggest Mistake I Almost Made

I almost made a huge mistake in my practice a few years ago. And, this mistake almost occurred because I wasn’t crystal clear on my personal mission and vision statements. Yes, I had a mission statement for my clinic. But, what I wasn’t doing was use it to guide my decision making on a daily basis.

It’s easy to get caught up on following the next path on your journey. It seems all laid out for you. Especially in a field like medicine. But that kind of thinking almost resulted in me making a very wrong decision for my practice and clinic.

One of the best exercises I ever performed was getting clear on my core values and a strategic plan for my life instead of just assuming I would continue as everyone else has done before. If you haven’t formulated your core values or a 10 Year Plan yet, click here for my free workbook.

And, as I discuss in this episode, I learned the importance of being intentional in my choices for both work and home and narrowly avoided a HUGE potential mistake.

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