Say Yes To Yourself With A Positive No To Others

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Are you the kind of person who never says no to someone? But then you end up feeling slightly resentful or just overworked or overwhelmed because it’s a little too much? I can totally relate. We need to get ourselves into a place where we can say no but still leave the other person walking away with respect for us. If you want some helpful tips and guides on how to set boundaries and allow yourself to say no, you are in the right place.


(2:45) The group of people we all can learn something from – kids. How my daughter simplified saying no for me.


(06:30) The first reason we say yes – the fear.


(08:00) The second reason – FOMO.


(09:58) The third reason – overestimation.


(11:25) How saying no can actually be a good thing.


(12:32) How William Ury explains this phenomenon. 


(17:15) A word for word guide of how I would say no.


In this episode, we talked about fear of jeopardizing a relationship, fear of maximizing all opportunities, and overestimation of our free time. If you enjoyed this episode, please give it a rating and share with your friends. I hope that this was helpful and until next time, it was good to see you.

Free guide to saying no –  downloadable link: Cheat Sheet


William Ury – The Power of a Positive No


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