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Reducing The Mental Load Of Being A Working Woman

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I read a study that mentioned that the mental load that we as women carry could be a factor keeping women from the C-Suite. Did I buy that birthday present? Am I ready for that meeting tomorrow? What are we having for dinner tonight? Did I forward that email to my assistant? All of these seemingly small decisions that we make throughout the day and that run through our minds as we go about our days could be what is keeping us from living at our full potential. 

Dr. Rupa Wong
Reducing the mental load of being a working woman
With Dr. Ashley Solomon

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Ashley Solomon to discuss the mental load we carry as women, and how we can begin to offload some of that load and start working toward healthier habits when it comes to our mental to-do list. Whether you’re a CEO or a stay-at-home mom, this episode is one you don’t want to miss. We’re talking about what mental load is, how it can dampen our desire for leadership roles, and why we might be resistant to letting that voice in our head go. Dr. Solomon share’s so many nuggets of wisdom that helped me- and I’m sure they can help you as well. Here’s a snapshot of what we cover in this episode: 


(1:13) Meet Dr. Solomon! She’s a psychologist, writer, mom, and more. Check her out here. 

(4:20) What is mental load? We discuss the definition of mental load and what could be considered mental load. 

(10:33) How mental load affects women in leadership. Could fear of adding to your mental load be what is keeping you from desiring more leadership positions? 

(14:40) How do we get out of the trenches? It takes introspection. What have you internalized about where your value comes from? Are we rejecting help? What’s meaningful to me?  

(23:10) How to let go. Are you resistant to letting go because you’re afraid to drop the ball? What are you avoiding? 

(29:36) What do we do with others’ opinions? At some point, we start looking externally for information about ourselves and how we should feel. But, you get to decide the weight you give to others’ opinions. 

(35:35) What one thing do you want women to know? Listen in to find out Dr. Solomon’s sage advice for you! 


I hope you’ll join us for this one and that you have as many great take-aways as I did. Let me know if you enjoyed this episode and be sure to share it with another woman you know could use some advice on this topic. Until next time, it was good to see you. 

Reducing the mental load of being a working woman

Take a listen to this important episode.


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