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Preventing Burnout in High Achieving Women

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Burnout is becoming more and more common in the field of medicine. But, it’s particularly  prevalent amongst women as we struggle to balance work and life and take on the lions share of responsibilities at home, which only exacerbate dissatisfaction.

So, what do we do? In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Vania Manipod, a psychiatrist who specializes burnout in women and shares her own personal struggle with it.

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First what is contributing to burnout for women in medicine:

  • Microagressions
  • Gender pay disparity
  • Gender biases in the workplace

But, you know that I don’t like to just complain about a situation, there is something we can do about it. And it starts with prioritize ourselves.

  1. Be patient with yourself as you learn to take time for yourself.
  2. Schedule your self care into your To Do list (otherwise it won’t get done)
  3.  Say no (get my say no checklist here: and tolerate the associated feelings that arise with saying no
  4. Recognize that taking breaks makes you more productive in the long run (if it feels self indulgent).
Positive psychology studies have shown that
these 3 things lead to happiness:

Take a listen to this important episode.


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