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It's Good to See You with Dr. Rupa Wong

Join host, Dr. Rupa Wong, physician, practice owner & mother of 3, as she empowers women to redefine what having it all means.  Each week she delves into the challenges of balance, time management, entrepreneurship, and being a boss on your terms.

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ADHD doesn’t have to hold you back from academic and professional success. I attended Duke on an academic, merit based scholarship, went on to Cornell Medical school and matched in a pretty competitive specialty (ophthalmology).
So,when I got the chance to interview an ophthalmology colleague, Dr. Anika Goodwin, I jumped.  Because not only is she a doctor mom but she also founded her own multi million dollar magnetic lashes company, all while still practicing medicine and being a single mom to 2 daughters. She was also on Shark Tank (she got an investment!) this past year and in this episode she shares:
I used to never outsource. Like anything. I grew up pretty humbly and living as a student into my early 30's further reinforced those thoughts. I had 2 misconceptions about outsourcing: I couldn't afford it and no one could do something as well as I could.
I used to think that you had to have a major psychiatric disorder to see a psychiatrist or a therapist. This is even with my own mother being a psychiatrist. Mental health is not openly discussed in Indian culture, unfortunately, it's still a taboo topic, much like many cultures.
There is no secret process to staying motivated. Often times, people think I must have a super power to do all that I do. Or some supreme innate source of infinite motivation deep within. And nothing could be further from the truth.
Understanding the interplay of sleep and nutrition for our productivity is integral at maximizing our effectiveness. Because many of us can't even begin to think about the concept of work-life balance until we begin managing our energy levels. I talked with Dr. Amy Shah, author of the bestseller "I'm So Effing Tired" for this episode.
Before looking forward, it's important to look back. So many of us focus in on goal setting around this time, but it's equally as important to review the past 12 months - what worked and what didn't
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