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It's Good to See You with Dr. Rupa Wong

Join host, Dr. Rupa Wong, physician, practice owner & mother of 3, as she empowers women to redefine what having it all means.  Each week she delves into the challenges of balance, time management, entrepreneurship, and being a boss on your terms.

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Before looking forward, it's important to look back. So many of us focus in on goal setting around this time, but it's equally as important to review the past 12 months - what worked and what didn't
The path in medicine isn't always straight. And, if you're considering a transition to private practice ownership (or any life transition for that matter), then learning to pivot while maintaining sight of your core values is essential.
A scarcity mindset is one in which you believe that there is only a finite amount of resources and that we must compete to get our share. The field of medicine ingrains this mindset and it takes a conscious shift to move to one centered on abundance.
Saying no gracefully is hard. I used to have a hard time saying no. This might resonate with most of you. I said yes a lot. Because I could help. Because I had the skill set and experience to do so. To help others is why I became a physician. But with that noble end goal, we are taught we are supposed to be of service, but we are not taught now to preserve ourselves in the process.
Many of us pride ourselves in our ability to multi-task. It's like our super power. Host, Dr. Rupa Wong, discusses how letting go of her  multi-tasking nature at the office and home, has improved her effectiveness and efficiency.  Instead, she employs serial tasking and she reviews 4 tips for making that switch to boost your productivity.
Failure has such a negative connotation for high achieving women. Join host, Dr. Rupa Wong, as she discusses why we need to stop avoiding failure and why we should embrace it instead. She opens up about her own educational and entrepreneurial failures and 4 questions to ask yourself when tackling failure so that you can use it as a foundation for future success.