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It's Good to See You with Dr. Rupa Wong

Join host, Dr. Rupa Wong, physician, practice owner & mother of 3, as she empowers women to redefine what having it all means.  Each week she delves into the challenges of balance, time management, entrepreneurship, and being a boss on your terms.

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Let's face it - life transitions can be stressful - whether moving, beginning a new job, getting married, starting a new school or a family. But that stress doesn't mean you've made a wrong decision.
Is ADHD different for women compared to men? Or is it that we're socialized to clamp down on our ADHD impulses more than men? Psychiatrist, Dr. Sasha Hamdani discusses how ADHD presents in women and why women may be under or even misdiagnosed.
As working women, we are pulled in a million different directions - and our thoughts demonstrate this. Maintaining mindfulness or even finding time to meditate may seem like an impossibility. But Dr. Lori Atkins, showed me how to achieve a few minutes of peace each day without a huge time commitment.
It is  never is too late to transition jobs or yes, even enter graduate school after pursuing other avenues first. Yes I know we are inundated in our society with so many examples of people doing amazing things at young ages. 'Forty Under 40" lists spring to mind. And it can feel so uncomfortable to branch out in a new direction when you are mid life.
I used to have a lot of trouble leaving the office. And, then when I did, since I own my own private practice, even if I wasn't physically at my clinic, I would continue working at night. My laptop open on the dining room table, paying half attention to what my kids were saying - sound familiar? So, the one thing you need to do? Create a work shut down routine. This one small routine will help prevent overwork. Because, there will always be more work to do. You will never be able to finish it all
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