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It's Good to See You with Dr. Rupa Wong

Join host, Dr. Rupa Wong, physician, practice owner & mother of 3, as she empowers women to redefine what having it all means.  Each week she delves into the challenges of balance, time management, entrepreneurship, and being a boss on your terms.

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I used to live in this space of being envious of my classmates and jealous of those that seemed to have it all. That is why I will get super honest in this episode and let you know how I help get myself out of this space.
The mental load that we as women carry could be a factor keeping women from the C-Suite. Did I buy that birthday present? Am I ready for that meeting tomorrow? What are we having for dinner tonight? Did I forward that email to my assistant? All of these seemingly small decisions that we make throughout the day and that run through our minds as we go about our days could be what is keeping us from living at our full potential. 
Let’s face it- we are all trying to do so much. Build community, run a business, be there for our friends and family, and on and on. So it’s understandable if you are experiencing some burnout or overwhelm. However, you don’t have to stay in that state of overwhelm!
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