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Making Healthy Meals For Your Family

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Do you struggle to make nutritious food choices for yourself and your family? Do you wish you could make healthy meals quickly and part of your weekly routines but feel consumed by the meal planning process?

In this episode, I’m joined by business leader, endurance athlete, mom, and cookbook author, Candes Gentry. We’ll talk about the transformational journey that many of us have to go through to begin prioritizing the types of foods we put in our bodies, how to start limiting the amount of packaged and processed foods we eat, and simple substitutions that can be made in your meals to eat healthier.

You’ll learn that you don’t need to be a chef or have tons of time to create healthy meals for your family and that you can do this even if you are a busy working woman.

If you are ready to feel confident and inspired to start making these changes, then take a listen.

“As parents, we do our best to raise our children with nourishment, but it’s inevitable that we default into rushed multitasking, often at the expense of our health. If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of intentional family time, immune-boosting nutrition, exercise, and yes, rest.” said Candes Gentry.

Eat Pono: Eat Pono is a cookbook but it also a foundation for our higher goal which is to support local agriculture and make nutritious food more accessible and inspire our youth to live more sustainably.  

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