Is Perfectionism Holding You Back? 3 Tips To Overcome It

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Is Perfectionism Holding You Back? 3 Tips To Overcome It


Does your need to provide a perfect product prohibit you from putting forth your ideas or work? So many women can relate to this, including myself. This can hold us back from our full potential. Don’t let it anymore! Allow yourself to put your imperfect thoughts out there. In this episode, I explain three tips that can help you stop robbing the joy from yourself and the excellence you can achieve.


(2:15) Would you rather show nothing at all than show something you think may not be perfect? This is an example of perfectionism holding high-achieving and professional women back. Here I explain how this can manifest in our life.

(7:00) Functional/adaptive perfectionistic striving vs. perfectionism. What is the difference? How can we know if we are striving to be better healthily or hurting ourselves with perfectionism?

(10:35) Tip number one – let the stress of being perfect go.

(12:50) Tip number two – focus on the journey.

(15:02) Tip number three – positive self-talk.

If your need to be perfect sets an unattainable bar that makes you feel self-critical, hopefully these tips I shared in the episode were helpful for you. Once these tips are utilized, you should accomplish better self-talk, feel more grounded in the journey instead of only the outcome, and let go of unnecessary stress. I promise you are doing better than you believe you are. Give yourself a break and allow yourself to enjoy the day a little bit more. Thank you for listening and until next time, it was good to see you.

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I'm Rupa Wong.

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