How To Use Adversity To Build Resilience

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Resilience. The ability to bounce back and keep going. The skill we all need if we want to move forward because, lets be honest, we all fail from time to time. In this episode, I’ll share 3 practical steps how to start using adversity to build resilience.

We cover:

  • What is grit? And resilience?


  • How a growth mindset differs from a fixed mindset


  • Building a support system (and what to look for in that community)


  • The importance of learning, self-assessment and evolution 


(3:07) My first step in learning how to use adversity to build resilience – start employing a growth mindset. To expand upon what I have learned from Carol Dweck – what is a fixed vs. growth mindset? What is the difference? How does that help us spring into success?

(9:40) My second step – have a support system. Surround yourself with people that are going through the same things you are going through.

(14:57) The third step – Learn self-assess, and evolve.

(18:41) To wrap it up – main tips discussed and how my daughter demonstrated resilience.

Sometimes it can be so hard to pick ourselves up and keep going. However, this is the difference between those of us who stop our success or keep it going. As you heard in this episode, my daughter showed so much strength and resilience while training and performing for her gymnastics competition. I like to think that my tips had something to do with that. I hope you gained something from the tips I have shared in this episode. Have a great rest of your week and until next week, it was good to see you.

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