How To Live Intentionally

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I have a lot of trouble “living in the moment”. I see pithy Instagram quotes directing me to do so. But, it’s SO SO hard.

How exactly do I ignore the laundry list of things swirling through my mind?

How do I choose to play chess with my son instead of thinking about the dishes that are piled in the sink?

So, I decided to ask an expert at living intentionally РDr. Faryal Michaud, a palliative care physician. She specializes in caring for patients who are facing the end of their lives.  Nothing can give you more perspective than that.

Click play >>HERE<< to listen to my amazing interview with her.


I'm Rupa Wong.

Hi! I'm Dr. Rupa Wong. Physician. Private Practice Owner. Mama to 3 kids. Managing Partner. Educator. Textbook Author. Conference Co-Founder. Mentor. I am more than just one thing, even as a doctor and I bet you are too. I would love to help you envision the life you want, and then get after it. What are you waiting for?


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