Family Calendar Organization

working mom using a family calendar

It’s Back to School time and nothing causes more disorganization in our family than our kids not knowing where they’re going or what they’re supposed to pack.

I used to always hear that ‘things get easier’ when your kids get older. I no longer have to lug around a diaper bag, stroller, car seat and a purse full of snacks. But, it doesn’t necessarily get easier – it’s just different. But, the wonderful thing is that as your kids get older, we can teach them to be actively involved in their schedule.

In this episode,I share my 4 tips for how we organize our family calendar. Real-life, down in the trenches, actionable strategies that work for my family of 5.

And if you’re interested in seeing our calendars in action, click here for a backstage video pass of how I use calendars in my home.


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