Closing My Clinic Doors

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I was recently interviewed locally to discuss how I had to pivot as a female business owner during the pandemic. Many people don’t think about doctors as business owners or entrepreneurs, but that’s what we are. Whether you’re a physician, dentist, therapist, accountant, attorney, etc. – we all faced challenges these past 15 months.

I never expected that I would ever have to close Honolulu Eye Clinic. For 12 years, we had been increasing the number of patients we helped in our community each year. Our reputation had built in the community and we had a stellar staff. The COVID-19 pandemic is something none of us could have predicted. Yet, in March 2020, my husband and I were faced with the difficult decisions of furloughing out staff and closing our clinic doors for 6 weeks. At the time, the American Academy of Ophthalmology had recommended ceasing all out patient, non-urgent care and surgeries. We still saw our patients for emergencies, but in order to do our part to conserve personal protective equipment and decrease transmission of coronavirus, we shut down.

In this episode of the podcast, I share what that decision was like, how we still had to continue running the administrative aspects of the practice from home WHILE distance learning/?teaching our 3 kids.

At the end of the day, we are blessed that we are all healthy and safe. And, during that time, I learned a lot about myself – as a physician and a leader.


I'm Rupa Wong.

Hi! I'm Dr. Rupa Wong. Physician. Private Practice Owner. Mama to 3 kids. Managing Partner. Educator. Textbook Author. Conference Co-Founder. Mentor. I am more than just one thing, even as a doctor and I bet you are too. I would love to help you envision the life you want, and then get after it. What are you waiting for?


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