Choosing A Word For The Year

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Do you excitedly set New Year’s Resolutions every year only to realize 3 months in that you aren’t accomplishing them? Or maybe even that they might not be the right ones to guide you through the New Year. Well, my friend, you are not alone. And this is why I’ve all but abandoned New Year’s Resolutions. Because most of the time they’re a list of things I want to do or achieve. And it brings up feelings of inadequacy or stress when I fall short.


(2:24) Realizing that I never accomplished my New Year resolution – If you’re like me, you can probably relate with this. Instead of setting “resolutions”, per se, I now choose a word.


(5:58) So, how do we choose a word? This first step is to reflect.


(8:20) Step two – visualize.


(10:52) Step three – brainstorming. Create a list.  


(13:50) After choosing a word, how can we make sure it is expanded into an intention for the entire year?


(18:20) How we can bring all the tools together to stay focused all year!


There we go! I hope this has been helpful. Remember, there is nothing wrong with you for not being able to follow through with your resolutions. We all struggle with this. On the other hand, though, there is always something we can improve on. If you can relate with this, follow along with me on my three-day vision board. Until next time, it was good to see you. 


I'm Rupa Wong.

Hi! I'm Dr. Rupa Wong. Physician. Private Practice Owner. Mama to 3 kids. Managing Partner. Educator. Textbook Author. Conference Co-Founder. Mentor. I am more than just one thing, even as a doctor and I bet you are too. I would love to help you envision the life you want, and then get after it. What are you waiting for?


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