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3 Simple Habits to Create an Authentic, Healthy Lifestyle

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Studies show that a child’s future eating habits are mostly dictated by the example they are surrounded by when they are young. That really puts some pressure on us parents, huh? If you are somebody who has been wanting to shift into a healthier lifestyle, get back on track after the holiday season, or just finds yourself too busy to make healthy meals every night, this is the episode for you. I’m joined by Tameeko Clark, a nutritionist and wellness coach that has realistic, practical tips and habits for us to consider when we think about our eating habits. Whether you are a mom or not (some of my unhealthy habits developed when I first began college…), this episode is one you shouldn’t miss. We tackle not just the what, but the how as well. Check out this episode at a glance:

Dr. Rupa Wong
Health coach Tameeko Clark
3 Simple Habits to Create an Authentic, Healthy Lifestyle
With Tameeko Clark
Do you struggle to create healthy meals for yourself (and your family) on a consistent basis? Work, activities, extracurriculars all seem to get in the way. And so there are days where you are just scrambling making choices that don’t promote your own health and well being.
In this episode we are talking about all the ways that we can create a foundation for health in our homes – for ourselves and our families. We’re tackling the best way to approach your health and wellness, how it actually doesn’t have to involve preparing elaborate time consuming meals and simple strategies to plan your meals for the day and week.
We discuss:
  • 3 habits to start implementing today to create consistent health habits
  • Why take a holistic approach to eat better – so that they enjoy getting healthy in a sustainable way
  • A 3-Prong approach to wellness on autopilot
  • A must know life hack that makes cooking healthy dinners on the fly EASY


(1:31) Meet Tameeko Clark: Wellness strategist, health coach, and mom that will join us in this episode

(4:15) What habits should busy women choose to create a healthy lifestyle? Tameeko discusses 3 habits that will help kickstart you! 


(11:20) End the Entanglement: Food choices do not correlate with your self-worth! 


(12:40) Shifting perspective. Does eating healthier actually take longer or taste worse? 

Tameeko encourages us to utilize things like frozen veggies, spices, and the microwave! 


(18:54) Is menu planning necessary? Have a mix of planned meals, on hand staples, and quick meals to keep making a healthy meal always within reach! 


(22:08) Model behavior for your kids. The biggest dictator in a child’s future eating habits is you. If you pay attention to your overall wellness, you’ll be able to help others better. 


(28:30) Combating junk food and taking a more holistic approach. You can eat healthy and still enjoy your food! Tameeko will give us some tips on how to make this happen.


(31:47) Healthy lunches during a busy day. Make extra dinner for lunch the next day. Think about food places near you and choose healthy, go-to places. Start with a healthy breakfast to keep you full longer. These are some tips Tameeko will walk us through! 


(35:49) Tameeko’s Favorite Go-To Recipe: Listen to find out!  

We all know that the food we eat can directly affect the way we feel, and thus, our ability to work well and care for others’ well. If any of these strategies seem helpful for you, find Tameeko on social media and grab her free template that will help you get started on your wellness journey. And of course, tag me with any of your go-to healthy recipes! Until next time, it was good to see you.

Take a listen to this important episode.


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