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It's Good to See You with Dr. Rupa Wong

Join host, Dr. Rupa Wong, physician, practice owner & mother of 3, as she empowers women to redefine what having it all means.  Each week she delves into the challenges of balance, time management, entrepreneurship, and being a boss on your terms.

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Do you find yourself saying yes when you would have preferred saying no? This is a dilemma many working moms can relate to. If you are struggling with how to say no, listen to this episode to learn how I have started saying no in a way that is respectful to the other person and myself.
Resilience. The ability to bounce back and keep going. The skill we all need if we want to move forward because, lets be honest, we all fail from time to time. In this episode, I'll share 3 practical steps how to start using adversity to build resilience.
How can you perform at the highest standard possible in all areas of your life? In this episode, we deep dive into achieving your full potential professional and personally and how to get there, defining your high leverage activities that help you achieve results, building a team that helps you multiply your ROI, creating hard stops in your work and life (Megan is done with work every day at 3 pm!).
Do you excitedly set New Year's Resolutions every year only to realize 3 months in that you aren't accomplishing them? Me too. This is why I have abandoned resolutions. Instead, I now choose a Word of the Year, set implementation intentions instead of Resolutions and align my goals with these.
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