Pinnacle: Women In Private Practice Conference

pinnacle women in private practice

Women in Private Practice was an idea Dr. Rupa Wong had been developing for many years, but is finally coming to fruition with the assistance of Dr. Natalie Crawford, Dr. Danielle Jones and Dr. Pam Mehta.  Pinnacle seeks to be the first conference of its kind, dedicated to addressing the challenges that women in healthcare in private practice face.

“Enhancing and enriching the professional experience of women in medicine”

“Join a powerful collective of women physicians to gain and share knowledge, enhance your practice, and affect change .”

Why Pinnacle Conference?

Our Vision: We seek to help women in private practice medical settings reach the pinnacle of their personal leadership, negotiation, and life-balancing skills

Pinnacle is the first conference of its kind, dedicated to addressing the challenges that women physicians in private practice face.

In an era of continued gender pay disparity and discrimination in the workplace, the task of negotiating as a woman in the private practice sphere can be daunting.   Numerous women’s medical conference focus of physician wellness, preventing burnout, or even creating additional revenue streams. However, none focuses on how to excel in the private practice realm.

We seek to empower women so that they can pave their own path in medicine, by providing the tactics, tools and strategies of successful practices.  Our faculty will present specific action points on how to negotiate contracts and salaries, pearls of private practice management, branding and marketing, as well as common pitfalls of new physicians in practice.  This multi-specialty conference will provide a forum for female mentorship and sponsorship, and bring to the forefront, often neglected topics of work-life balance and the pursuit of interests outside of medicine.

A career in private practice medicine looks different for every woman.  Our conference hopes to equip attendees with the tools to make their vision a reality.

Save the Date: December 6-8, Four Seasons Dallas

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Pinnacle conference

Perfectly Curated Topics

  • Career Planning
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Finances
  • Business Practice
  • Personal Branding