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Pinnacle Conference

Pinnacle is the first conference of its kind, dedicated to addressing the challenges that women in healthcare in private practice face. It’s an idea I had for many years – a place where women could be empowered in their pursuit to achieve the pinnacle of their leadership, negotiation and life-balancing skills. To learn all of the things that medical school never taught us. But, it was upon meeting Dr. Danielle Jones, Dr. Natalie Crawford and Dr. Pam Mehtha that the idea became a reality.

Female Mentorship + Community

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By providing a forum for female mentorship and community, Pinnacle is bringing to the forefront the often neglected topics of leadership as a woman in medicine. We seek to empower women so that they can pave their own path in medicine, by providing the tools and strategies of successful practices. Our faculty present specific action points on the topics of leadership, goal setting, self care and social media. A career in medicine looks different for every woman, we strive to support you in whichever way that may be through strategic guidance and inspiring community.<br><br>

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