Office Photoshoot: Meet Our Staff

I haven’t been blogging lately because we are doing a website overhaul and I didn’t want to keep adding too much content for the company to have to pull over to our new site.  For the new website, I wanted to add some additional photographs of our patients and staff.  I always feel like it’s much easier for someone to take that jump into having cataract or strabismus surgery if they can actually see pictures of patients who have the same procedures.
Through my friend, I found a great high school senior who is in the Photography club.  He has been taking pictures of my kids for the past year and I thought it would be great to hire him to do shots for our website.  He’s great – extremely reliable, easy to work with and turns the pictures around in 3 days.
Here’s a sneak peak.

Wong(Opt)Shoot9 (1)
Our optician, Joel, performing pupil measurements on a patient.

This is our newest licensed optician, Joel Babb.  He’s a wonderfully experienced optician who is skilled at matching the exact lens type to fit the patient’s lifestyle.  He is also extremely personable and filled with aloha spirit.  We are really lucky to have found him.  He joins our stellar optical team of Rachel Rolison and Kristel Rabago, who have been doing an awesome job helping our patients.
We have 3 full time opticians and all are uniquely trained to assist with fitting glasses for kids.  Our selection of glasses is also one of the largest for kids.  We carry Roxy, Hello Kitty, Adidas, Disney, Flexon, Liberty sports goggles and Miraflex to name a few. We have kids as young as 10 months old in glasses.

Our optician, Rachel, marking the pupils to make new glasses for a pediatric patient.

Here’s Dr. Bossert teaching a patient how to insert and remove contact lenses.  Our contact lens technicians are also specially educated at providing one on one contact lens training sessions for all patients – from pre-teens getting their first pair of contacts to adults who previously thought they could never wear bifocal contacts. With the range of different types of contact lenses now available, we can fit even the most complicated patients. Our staff review correct wearing schedules, proper lens hygiene, insertion and removal techniques, and contact lens care systems with every patient, making it the ideal place for patients new to contact lenses. We fit spherical, toric, multifocal, scleral, and rigid gas permeable lenses, to name just a few.
We have an awesome surgical counselor, Ronnie who makes herself available to patients 24-7.  She answers emails, texts, and phone calls at all hours.  She obsesses constantly to make sure everything is complete and finalized for every patient.  And, she is able to reassure patients as they navigate the entire surgical process from booking the initial consultation to the post-operative visits.  In addition, she is also my assistant in the operating room for strabismus patients.  Patients love seeing a familiar face in the operating room.  Here she is reviewing an upcoming surgery with a patient.
Of course, I do exams on children and most of them are so interested in every aspect of the exam.  They love getting examined at the slit lamp.  Often times, my pediatric patients can hold more still than my adult patients!

Here’s our staff hard at work.  We’ve transitioned to a new Ipad based electronic medical record, from Modernizing Medicine, so you’ll often see us on both the tablet and PC.  It’s a really new system.  I believe I am the first private practice pediatric ophthalmologist to use it, and Dr. Bossert is one of the first optometrists to use it, so we’re helping them work out the kinks.
And, finally, Aubrey, our front desk receptionist, getting some make-up done before her close-up.  Look for her beautiful smiling face when you come in for your next appointment.
Keep checking our website for the new updates!

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