My Top Instagram Posts of 2018

Instagram has drawn so many of you to my blog and it’s been a great way to see what you all are connecting to in real time with your comments and likes. I honestly think of Instagram as a mini-blog, where I can share my daily snippets of my life as a surgeon, mother and business owner. And, it’s been a wonderful way for me to personally connect with each of you and where I look for inspiration as well! So, on to my top 9 Posts of 2018 and why I think they were a success.

9. Likes: 1838

Some mistakenly thought this adorable patient of mine was one my sons! I think this post resonated with so many because sometimes what I do is not some overly difficult, challenging surgery. Sometimes, I’m just being a champion for my patients to get them to actually wear their glasses. I think people either remember how much they didn’t want to wear glasses when young or have kids for whom this is a struggle. And, this was a great success story of this kid wearing his glasses and getting perfect vision and overcoming his lazy eye. Plus, he’s just so darn cute.

8. Likes: 1914

This post was in honor of dad’s 75th birthday and he is truly my BIGGEST supporter. In it, I just detailed how much he has contributed to my success today. I think this struck a nerve with most, since many of you have similar relationships with your parents and would likewise attribute your success to them.

7. Likes: 1912

You all are so sweet and were so congratulatory in this post where I reminisced about being asked to be the “cover girl” for Honolulu magazine’s Best Doctor’s List. I think for the pre-med/med students/residents out there, this kind of set some goals and people can see themselves achieving this 5 years out of training.

6. Likes: 1944

I snapped this pic late at night after I had finished performing laser surgery on a premature baby. This post must have felt relatable to those who are undertaking a long training/school for their career paths (medicine, law, business). The studying, the working, the penny pinching. It IS a long road. And, I think people liked knowing that is a long journey for a reason. Because to be good at what you do, especially when you are privileged to care for others as we do in medicine, it requires a long training process.

5. Likes: 1869

This one is near and dear to my heart. I think so many women feel the need to suppress their femininity in order to be successful at their job. And, I just don’t think we need to apologize for who we are. I love fancy shoes (as do you all #doctorshoedown), fitted dresses and make-up. That doesn’t mean I can’t be a an amazing surgeon, doctor, business owner and mom.

4. Likes: 1960

I saw this pic on the New Yorker website last year and when I had an all female OR (anesthesiologist, me and nurses), then I knew I had to replicate it. People were eager to tag friends who help them give their best to their job and it speaks to the communality of our field and it’s spread!

3. Likes: 2053

This post hit home for so many because it’s the ultimate example of combining work and family. I think so many would love to be able to bring their kids to work with them (though it’s not always easy). And, pics of my daughter always score, because she is adorable (I may be biased)

2. Likes: 2203


I often forget that I have my married name on my blog and IG and that many of you don’t know my ethnicity (100% Indian). So, this picture of me in a sari surprised some of you, but overall I think many loved learning about Diwali and seeing me in traditional garb.

1. Likes: 2367

Paying off our 10 year loan we had taken out to start our practice was a huge accomplishment and relief for us. Many of you are facing a similar, daunting process of undertaking a huge business loan and I think it reassured some that there is an end in sight to these payments! Also, many just offered congratulations to us for achieving this milestone and felt inspired that it IS possible to strike out on your own. It is one of the big reasons that I love social media – for the mass support and the community which I have so recently discovered!

So, there you go, a breakdown of my 2018 IG posts. Were you repurposed by my top 9 Instagram posts? What do you think makes you double tap? Let me know in the comments below and I will do my best to create content that speaks to you!

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