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Private Practice with Dr. Rupa Wong

Join host Dr. Natalie Crawford as she discusses private practice life with guest Dr. Rupa Wong. Learn about Rupa’s journey from academics to private practice, owning and managing her own practice, her own struggles with PCOS and infertility as a woman in medicine, work/life balance, and the reasons behind starting the Pinnacle Conference

Tips from an Ophthalmologist to Prevent Eye Strain & Limit Blue Light Exposure w/Dr. Rupa Wong

Has the pandemic increased your daily screen time? Are your eyes constantly dry and irritated? Well I have all the answers for you! All the way from Honolulu, Hawaii, world renowned surgeon, entrepreneur, and ophthalmolgist.

How to Reopen Your Clinic & OR Schedule with Dr. Rupa Wong

Dr. Rupa Wong discusses reopening her clinic and operating room schedule after the pandemic caused her to close both for six weeks.
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