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It’s been a while since I’ve posted – mainly because of the holidays.  Everything just snuck up on me this year.  I still don’t know where the time between Thanksgiving and now went!  Some of my patients might not know this, but I love decorating and entertaining.  I’m obsessed with pinterest (as is every woman in America) and I love searching through there to find ideas for everything.  So, I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing for the last month (instead of blogging).
I had a potluck the week before Thanksgiving.  I scoured pinterest and came up with a chalkboard/burlap theme.  I love entertaining, but with 3 kids, I have to keep things somewhat simple and I don’t like spending tons of money on decor. Here’s the invite I designed.

I usually go super overboard with decorations, but I kept it simple.  I bought black Kraft paper from Etsy and used chalk markers to label the dishes.  
I read on a blog that you should put the napkins and cutlery at the END of the buffet line because why make your guests pick it up in the beginning and have to balance it with their plates.  So simple, yet GENIUS!  I saw this cute way to assemble napkins/cutlery together in a clear bag on pinterest (of course) and had to do it.  I purchased the eco-friendly cutlery on amazon and the clear bags from Ben Franklin.

For the table, I just spray painted some mini pumpkins in blue and white and placed them in a bowl with some votives I bought on sale at Soha ($1.60 each!).  I was going for a coastal Thanksgiving theme.

To be eco-friendly, I placed chalkboard labels on mason jars for glasses for guests.
For the kids table, my 5 year old son helped decorate by writing “Give Thanks” on the black Kraft paper which we put on small tables I bought at Costco to serve as a tablecloth.  Easy and a fun thing to keep the kids occupied while waiting for food!

And last, a super simple banner that I made from burlap, blue card stock and  left over ribbon.

Lots of simple ideas for a rustic potluck for tho holidays!  Hope you can use some of them!

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