Hawaii Boy’s DIY Bedroom

boy's bedroom

This is not ophthalmology or eye health related, so if you’re looking for that content, check out some of my other posts, like this one on blocked tear ducts or this one on magnetic lashes. Interior design is my creative outlet. Just as many mommy bloggers out there, I love making my home feel comfortable and welcoming for our family of 5 (plus Iris, our cavapoo!). The only difference is that my time is limited since I’m a physician and not an interior designer, so sometimes I have to make choices with my time and can’t DIY every single thing.

boy's bedroom
My middle son’s bedroom

So here’s what I did. The bed was a hand me down – beautifully built, over 40 years old. But it was starting to show it’s wear and tear. I sanded and painted it high gloss white. The bookshelf behind it was built by the same person and for the doors, I added layers of batting and then upholstered it with fabric from Tonic Living (no longer available, sorry!).

We can’t get Ikea here in Hawaii. OK, we can, but we have to utilize a third party shipping service, so I bought a very inexpensive dresser from the local hardware store. It was under $100 and then added the white trim, silver pulls and blue fabric all using the tips from this post.

And, then the real labor of love were the letters. I first saw them in an episode of Fixer Upper (did you know I’ve actually emailed back and forth with Joanna Gaines many years ago right when her show was starting out? That’s a story for another time, but she is just as lovely and gracious as you might think). So I had this pinned for a while.

letter wall kids room

But each letter cost $20 at Anthropologie and I wasn’t going to spend that. So I bought unfinished wood letters from Ben Franklin/House Mart down the street for about $3-4 and then stained them. Waited for the stain to dry and then used painters tape and painted them with craft paint. And, I do love how they turned out!

DIY Stained "Anthropologie" Letters

Last DIY project. My son is BIG into Lego’s. So, another trip to Ben Franklin/House Mart this time for one of their gigantic cardboard letters. I think it was under $20. I painted it white with house paint and then glued gray base plates to it. This took some tetrising. My husband had some really retro Benny the spaceman legos so I used them here. He’s removed a bunch of them in the close up to play with them and then pops them back in.

And, that’s it!

Bedding & Basket Serena and Lily

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