Unsure of how to integrate work and life?  Worried you won’t be able to manage juggling motherhood and medicine? You got this.  I will help you redefine your goals and create a strategy to achieve them. During our 60 minute call, we will identify your core issues and devise a plan for how to best tackle them.

Why Choose Me?

I’m not a business consultant.  I’m a physician. And a mother, physician manager, surgeon and wife.  I have been running my own 3 doctor practice, Honolulu Eye Clinic, for 11 years now, doubling its profit in just 7 years.  I’ve created my own path – my own work-life fit, working from home, from a rock in a garden, from the beach – wherever I needed to, but paving my own path the entire time.  I know what it takes to be successful in health care as a woman. I have learned how to do all of this from the ground up, while staying true to my core values and those of my family.

Let’s Get Started