Best Doctors Honolulu cover shoot

As some of you may have seen, I was a “cover girl” for a month.  I was thrilled and honored when I (and my husband, Dr. Jeff Wong) made the Best Doctors list last year.  But, I was truly excited when Honolulu magazine asked me to be the doctor featured on the cover.
Jeff and I were featured together on the lead-in to the Best Doctors section inside. 

It’s been a bit bizarre and surreal seeing my face as I go into Whole Foods.  It almost feels like one of those fake magazine covers that you get printed when you go the fair.

The photoshoot was fun, but a lot more work than I had anticipated.  I’m the kind of person who loves getting my hair/make-up done, so that part was enjoyable and reminded me of my wedding day.

The photographer, Rae Huo, is amazing and we met at her studio downtown.  She kept the atmosphere light and entertaining.  In attendance, was the Art Director, Kristin Lipman, the associate Art Director, Cody Kawamoto, the stylist and my husband.  The shoot took 3 hours!  They fussed and primped me and analyzed every strand of hair, the fold of my white coat, the accessories in my pockets – everything.  Even Jeff got a little powder for his pics.
I have a new found respect for models now!  After each shot, the team viewed it immediately after on their computer to see if they liked the lighting, my hair, etc, and then would make changes.


 I got a bit punchy by the end.  The pic below doesn’t exactly scream ” best doctor!”

When we were first doing the shots of Jeff and I together, we’re so used to assuming certain stances (like for an engagement photo or prom), that everyone laughed.

It was a wonderful honor and a big mahalo to Rae, Cody, Kristin and Christine for their help with the shoot!!

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