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Dr. Rupa Wong has changed my life. I had my first cosmetic procedure with her, to fill my deep tear troughs, a delicate undertaking, and I could not be happier with the results. Not only do I look much less tired than I am, I actually feel less tired in that I'm so happy with the results. Before her recommendation, I had never even considered a cosmetic enhancement, and I will certainly return for the same or others, to no one but her. As well, my skin has never looked better, after using her product line, and I bought a beautiful pair of sunglasses that can't be found, even at the most high-end retail establishments. Lastly, her warm manner, professionalism, and competency, make her a very trusted physician. Thank you for everything!


~ HL, Age 48


I grew up playing sports outside in the Hawaii sun, then discovered triathlon in my twenties. Years of paddling, swimming, cycling, and running have taken their toll on my skin. I was introduced to Dr. Rupa Wong at the Honolulu Eye Clinic through an athletic friend with beautiful skin after asking how she managed to look so great. Dr. Wong's expertise with injectibles (or brand name here?) helps keep me looking my age, in spite of the time I spend outdoors training.


~ Rachel


Dear Dr. Rupa Wong:


After moving to Hawaii, I called around and did extensive research to find the best possible long-term doctor. I researched company Web sites for professionalism, clarity and information, and checked for board certification. However, when I called your office and spoke with Christina, I was “sold.” She was willing to answer my questions and her friendliness, professionalism, listening skills, and warm and compassionate manner convinced me to try your services.


One year later, I’m thankful that I chose you. I’m grateful for your bedside manner, conservatism, and the time and effort that you take to carefully weigh all the options to find the best products that will work with my facial structure, skin and wants. You seem to understand the many components that factor into each procedure from a patient’s point of view, whether feelings of nervousness, financial concerns or achieving long-term effects. And each visit is customized rather than “routine” as you seem to recognize that patients’ lives are always changing and that the procedure that worked 6 months ago might not work best at present.


In these recessionary times, when women still want to look nice, I appreciate how you always try to look out for my best interest when it comes to achieving great results and being aware of affordable options, without making me feel “less than.” I appreciate your willingness to work with me with a shared vision of a long-term relationship. I’ve heard of doctors and non-medical personnel who are happy to make hundreds and thousands of dollars in about 15 minutes with hardly any regard for the patient on a human level. The patient knows it, too. I was looking for a knowledgeable, caring, long-term physician who would see me as more than a quick buck. I found that in you and your staff. Thank you.


~ G. B.


" I am in my late 40’s and have had deep creases between my eyebrows for as long as I can remember. This was my first medical cosmetic treatment of any kind. Dr. Wong was very kind, patient and gentle and the entire process fast and easy! I found the Dysport injections to be painless and quick. I could see the results immediately and within days, the crease between my eyebrows was almost completely gone, but yet looked so natural. Dr. Wong’s injections were quick, accurate and always well thought out. I appreciate her honesty, her ethics and most of all her incredible talent! I am thrilled with my results and will definitely come back. I highly recommend her!"


~ Denise Y.


My name is Ani Young & I am 47 years old. Living in Honolulu affords me a healthy & beautiful life made in paradise. Growing old to me doesn't mean having to look old, though going about it as naturally as possible, is important to me.


Dr. Rupa Wong is part of my fountain of youth: she has an artists' eye, with a gentle touch when she works with botox & fillers. A little bit goes a long way and she is amazing with helping me maintain my "natural" look as much as possible. There are many Dr.'s in this fast growing market for fillers & face procedures, but trust and listening are two key factors in finding the right Dr.


Apart from trusting Dr. Rupa, she always listens to exactly what I want and certainly what I don't want and has a graceful manner.


Thank you Rupa!

~ Ani Young


Dr Rupa Wong is an artist, trained as a physician. It was my good fortunate to be her patient already (and she gets highest marks from me for her general opthamological care). When I wished to have a blephoplasty. I asked Dr Rupa for a natural effect. Her work was intuitively perfect and, in my view, beautifully correct. In addition, her surgical team was warm, supportive, and talented, and post-op care was attentive. I had no problems from the moment I asked Dr Rupa for her view on my being a candidate for the procedure, through the prep, the procedure, the recovery, and now, with my lovely and revitalized new eyes! A bonus: Dr Rupa’s surgical clerk, Kelli, was a jewel: she helped me throughout to complete insurance, pre-op paperwork, and appointments. Dr Rupa Wong is a super opthamologist. But if you want restorative, cosmetic work, then waste no time – as Dr Rupa’s work becomes known she will be booked years in advance.


~ Cassandra Lee Rodgers, age 62


"I had gotten terrible creases from my nose down to my month I guess you call those creases smile lines, from years of doing shows. Doctor Rupa filled in thoses creases and it's no joke I look and feel so much better and younger the lines are totally gone. I Also had her fill in under my eye and i don't have that tired look anymore. People don't believe my age they think I'm a lot younger.I feel so thankful that there is this techinology of Juvederm and that Doctor Rupa is the greatest. Everyone should get this done your self confidence will boost 100% and you'll feel so beautiful."


~ Corrina B.



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